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CWR's C2 cars

Hiya, hiya!
This site showcases the add-on cars I made for Carmageddon 2:

CopCar (with Scarehead's textures)
Ford GT-90
'63 Galaxie 500
'63 Stingray
'64 Ford Fairlane 500 SC
'67 VW Beetle
'67 427 Corvette
'69 Camaro
'86 Fiero
'96 Mercedes E class
TAS Batmobile

For downloads of these add-on cars, go to the downloads page

Future Features
Space permitting, I'll put up my skins of the cars I did that are in the actual game. I created the concepts and 3-d models for:

Propshafter ('65 Mustang fastback)
Slam Sedan ('56 Fairlane Crown Victoria)
Deathcruiser (Scenicruiser bus)
Jetcar ('61 concept car)
Blood Riviera ('64 Riviera)
Thunderbucket ('55 Thunderbird)
Coupe de Grace ('33 Ford coupe street rod)
Mach 13 (Speed Racer's Mach 5)

In the works
I'm working on:

C5 Corvette
'98 BMW M3
23 window VW hover bus
1965 Pontiac GTO

There's no telling when any of these will be done, but I'll post notices on the CWA board