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Add-on vehicles

in no particular order...
I'm working with a preset template here, so please bear with me. If I had help on a car, it's noted in the readme.txt in the zip file.

1964 Ford Fairlane 500 Sport Coupe
This was my first car I bought in 1984. Someday I may be able to afford another...
1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS
In a desperate attempt to get some multiplayer going in my office, I asked my co-workers what cars I could make for them to get them to play. It didn't work, of course, but I got some interesting cars out of it...

BATAS Batmobile
One of my co-worker's requests, but I have admired this design for so long tnat I needed little prompting...
63 Galaxie part 1 part 2
This site allows 20 Mb of free space, but there's a download limit of .5 Mb, necessitating this 2 part approach to some larger files. I've always liked this 1963.5 fastback bodystyle, and I thought that I could reuse parts of the Thunderbucket and with some changes go on to create my beloved 1964 Fairlane.

Cop Car part 1 part 2
The one car that distressed me most when C2 was released was the cop car, it was really bad. So, since Ford is the only American manufacturer making full size rear wheel drive cars of the sort favored by police departments and taxi companies, and I'm a Ford guy, I made a Crown Victoria. I also tried out some ideas I had for the sirens and such. Excellent textures and WAM work by Scarehead.
Effin' 111 part 1 part 2
I was also rather distressed with Hick Pickup as it appeared in the game, so I made my favorite pickup truck, a later version of that same basic model - the 1956 F-100 Ford 'big window' pickup. My only caricatured vehicle to date
Ford GT90 part 1 part 2
My favorite car from Need for Speed 2, it also appeared in Gran Turismo 2.
Ford Gran Turismo 1967 427 Corvette part 1 part 2
My favorite car in the original Gran Turismo, it was only available in arcade mode - some serious fans of the game didn't even know about it as they would never stoop to playing other than simulation mode. I also wanted to improve on the somewhat lame Red Vet.

1963 Split Window Stingray part 1 part 2
My favorite Corvette from the year of my birth, in the colors of my alma mater, the University of Southern California (they're so proud)

1986 Pontiac Fiero
My co-worker's Fiero with one headlight always up.